New Kukje Hotel sharing with our customers all the time is doing
its best in order to ensure convenient service for the customers.

1. What kind of item is available for rent?

Adaptor, iron, thermometer, umbrella, household medicine, etc. are rented to the guests free of
charge but any desired item is served to the guests to maximum so that the guests may not feel
any inconvenience during stay at hotel.

2. Is it possible to extend time for check-in and check-out?

Check in time is 2:00pm, check out time is 12:00pm.
Time extension may be possible depending on room occupancy rate,
So it is required to be confirmed your reservation in advance.
Please be ware that there is extra charge for early check in or late check out.
When checking in before 2pm, 10,000KRW will be charged an hourly.
Checking in before 8am, the full room charge for 1 night will be applied.
For the late check out after 12pm, 50,000KRW until 5pm and 1 night room charge will be applied after 5pm.

3. Is it possible to share one room with 3 persons?

New Kukje Hotel is based on one room/2pers. and in case of addition of one extra bed,
30,000won (tax, service charge separate) is charged additionally.

4. Is it possible to share one room with family of 4 persons?

Yes, it is available with 2 adults and 2 childs under 8 years old.

5. When is reservation allowed to be cancelled?

If reservation cancellation is notified 24 hours before check-in, it is allowed to be cancelled without
any charge. In case of cancellation on the very day, guest room fee for one night is charged.

6. Is it possible to leave the baggage at hotel before check-in?

Keeping personal baggage is allowed at bell desk but this service is provided after confirming hotel reservation in advance. After keeping baggage, custody certificate is issued and when presenting this certificate later, your baggage is released after confirmation.

7. What kind of service of guest room is included in charged service?
We don’t have charged service except telephone service in our hotel.

8.Is it available to use internet in hotel room?

Wifi Internet access is available in all rooms for free of charge.
Also internet is available in lobby for 24 hours.

9. Is making copy or fax service available?

Yes, you can use fax and copy machine at front desk on the lst floor.

10.Is laundry service available?

Yes, there is a laundry basket in a hotel room.
Put your laundry in the basket and contact to front desk by 9 am, then
room maid will collect that.
New laundry will be delivered to your room by 5 pm in each day.

11. What is the sauna fee at the time of lodging?

Sauna fee is won8,400/per. including tax which is discounted from normal price(won12,000) by 30%.

12. From what time can I take breakfast?

The breakfast AM7:00〜09:30

13.How can I find lost property left behind at the hotel room?

We keep lost properties at the House keeping department.
All lost properties are disposed automatically after 6 months and foods that
can be decompose are kept for 1 week in the refrigerator.

If you would like to find your lost property, please be clarify your name,
date of check out and room number so that we may find it more quickly.

* For other questions, please contact us here.