Hotel Local Guide

History of Seoul

  • 1.Gyeongbok Palace and Folk Museum <10 minute distance on foot>
  • Gyeongbok Palace as a palace constructed in 4th year of Taejo (1394) during Lee Dynasty is the greatest
    royal palace having a meaning of “Heavenly endowed good fortune” and its location is learned to be the
    best place based on divined topography. This palace is located at downtown Seoul and as folk museum is 
    located at this palace inside, it provides diversified things Korean to the tourists. 
    - Watching hour: March-October: 9A.M. – 6 P.M. (Entrance is closed at 5 P.M.)
    	November-February: 9A.M. -5 P.M. (Entrance is closed at 4 P.M. and every Tuesday is off.)
    	Watching hour may be reduced or adjusted flexibly depending on the situation.
    - Watching fee: Adult(aged 19-64): won3,000/group: won2,000 (over 20 persons)
    	Youth(aged 7-18):won1,000/group: won1,200 (over 10 persons)
    * For further details, contact
  • 2. Deoksugung (Deoksu Palace) (5 minute distance on foot)
  • Deoksugung (an alternative name: Gyeongwungung) was a main stage of modern history of our country
    and middle age and modern era are well matched in this palace.  In this palace, the tourists may feel the
    beauty of four seasons and as palace buildings are arranged elaborately, it is a good place for taking a walk
    for its natural atmosphere. 
    - Watching hour: 09:00-20:00 hrs. (walkout hour: 09:00-21:00 hrs.)
    - Watching fee: Adult (aged over 18): won1,000/group:won800 (Over 20 persons)
    - Minor (aged full 7-18): won500/group:won400 (over 10 persons)
    * For further details, contact