Hotel Local Guide

The sights

  • 1. Seoul Square<2 minute distance on foot>
  • ‘Seoul Square’ is a symbolic place of Seoul where its historical and cultural meaning as well as
    a spatial meaning of heart of national land is revived.
    This square becomes a place of harmony and consensus where all the Seoul citizens may be harmonized together through
    various events and cultural festivals.
  • 2. Gwanghwamun Square <2 minute distance on foot>
  • Government building street during Lee Dynasty that was the best road as a symbol of Hanyang (old name of Seoul) was
    reproduced on August, 2009. As this space was transformed from vehicle-center space to human-focused space, a sense
    of gap with citizens was disappeared and a cultural space to be shared by everybody was created.
  • 3. Cheonggye Sqaure <3minute distance on foot>
  • This square was created at the location where Cheongyecheon starts. Harmony between 
    wonderful sculptural artworks and the nature creates more wonderful scenery and beautiful promenade and waterfall
    become a special tourist attraction of the city.
  • 4. N Seoul Tower <20 minute drive by taxi>
  • Being newly born again as a typical cultural complex space of Seoul, N Seoul Tower is a hub and
    symbol of Seoul and this Tower is the best observatory center where you may appreciate high-tech media and 
  • 5. Nanta Performance<5 minute distance on foot>
  • Nanta is a powerful performance that may be excitingly enjoyed by everybody regardless of age, gender or nationality
    as kitchen tools such as knife, chopping board are sublimated as beautiful musical instruments.
  • 6. Insadong Street <5 minute drive by taxi, 15 minute distance on foot>
  • Insadong is globally renowned place as well as the most Korean styled place.
    Traditional shops including Korean traditional handicrafts are lined the street and you may experience traditional
    Korean teahouse, restaurants and foodstuffs to the full.