Hotel Local Guide


  • 1. Donghwa Duty-free Shop <5 minute distance on foot>
  • This shop was opened in 1973 as the first domestic downtown duty-free shop and famous 
    products of world class brand and Korea inherent luxury brand products have been sold here for the past 38 years by 
    targeting foreign tourists and local people travelling abroad and greatly contributed to the development of Korean tourism 
  • 2.Lotte's department store & duty free shop <5 minute distance on foot>
  • Lotte's  department store and duty free shop has grown as a symbol of Korea's modern retailers that has reshaped 
    Korea's shopping culture. In particular, the restaurant floor, which was the first of its kind in the nation, has brought
    forth not only a new shopping culture but also a remarkable change and evelopment in the local dining-out culture.
  • 3. Myeongdong Street <10 minute distance on foot, 5 minute drive by taxi>
  • This street is full of dynamic and refreshing atmosphere where cheaper price and super high-tech
    fashion are coexisted. This place is particularly a center of fashion and amusement dominantly preferred by the young 
  • 4. Namdaemun Market <10 minute distance on foot>
  • The name of Namdaemun was derived from the past history that main gate of fortress 
    surrounding Hanyang during Lee Dynasty was located at the south. Currently, this market becomes a famous place of 
    providing various things to watch and pleasures to the foreign tourists covering from fashion dresses to foodstuffs.
  • 5. Dongdaemun Market <10 minute drive by taxi>
  • History of Dongdaemun is app. 150 years old and its name was also derived from the past history
    that its gate was located at the east during Lee Dynasty.
    Currently, this market is emerged as fashion mecca and acknowledged by foreign tourists as a famous place for its cheaper
    and high-quality commodities.